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Graded Power was founded in 2016 by legendary magic dealer Jim Bruso (Gamingjim) to specifically focus on vintage Magic cards and hard to find Magic products.  Sine then Graded Power has became THE site for graded Magic and slab cards.  The company is dedicated to providing customers with the best service and prices in today’s market, as well as some of the rarest Magic items in existence.

Gamingjim (Jim Bruso) has been continuously buying and selling magic cards since 1993 making him one of the very few original (if not the only one) dealers still personally in the business. 

Jim started with Magic in 1993, in Albany, New York at Hudson valley sports cards opening Alpha boosters and starters and selling the individual cards in his store.  Since then Jim has become one of most knowledgeable people in the world on anything related to old Magic the Gathering cards.  As a result he is now an expert in verifying genuine vintage cards, sealed product,  Magic memorabilia, misprints, and test prints.  Jim is the only Magic card dealer that has ever been to the Cartamundi company in Belgium to witness Magic cards being printed. He was also one of the first people to be a vendor at a Pro Tour and on the Grand Prix circuit.

Jim has an extensive list of companies that he has owned or worked for including Troll and Toad (as their executive buyer for over 10 years), Queen’s Domain, and now Graded Power. He is a visionary in the world of Magic the Gathering; developing new concepts, such as acrylic booster and sealed box protectors, predicting changing markets and investing in Magic and Pokémon cards.  Moving forward, Jim anticipates a prosperous future for Graded Power and Magic the Gathering alike.


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