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1 x 3 3/4 inch Funko Pop 2pk Acrylic Protector PG-60016

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    Display Guard GP-60016 3 3/4" 2 pk Funko Pop Protector


    Our Funko Pop protectors are made of crystal clear high quality 4mm acrylic, offering Maximum Protection and a remarkable fit for your 3 3/4" Funko Pop 2 pk collectibles. The case blocks UVA and UVB light to help ensure your Pops will not fade over time.


    Each box has a slide on the bottom secured by a magnet which is easy to open and close.

    If you're looking for Maximum protection for your 3 3/4" Funko Pop 2 pk collection and want that graded quality Protection without the graded quality cost then these are the Funko Pop Acrylic Protectors you have been looking for.



    Internal dimensions: Height 162mm x Width 205mm x Depth 93mm

    Materials: High Grade Quality UVA/UVB Protective 4mm Acrylic, Neodymium magnet.


    We also provide the Display Guard brand acrylic protectors for a variety of other Funko collectibles.

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